Refractory Lining

 We can supply and Install various Castable, Bricks etc. as required for Heaters, Boilers, Furnaces, Incinerators etc. equipments which calls for highly skilled installation crew which is available with us.

In the modern world where Refractory technology is fast progressing, even the best of Refractories fail to live upto their promise if their application and mode of employment is not backed by the expertise in design and installation.

FAIRDEAL meets the need of its clients in providing the most cost effective and technically correct system which ranges across the entire industrial spectrum viz. Iron and Steel, Oil and Gas, Power and Desalination Plant, Fertilizer, Aluminium, Copper, Cement, Petroleum etc. plants and even hospitals, Laundries, Bakeries etc.

We maintain stocks of materials to provide a prompt maintenance service to our clients.

We undertake to supply the Refractory users with the most efficient service at local level to ensure that new contracts progress according to schedules and that maintenance shutdowns are not unduly prolonged due to material supply difficulties.

We can offer a full range of Refractories:

 Refractory Castable
 Insulation Castable
 Mouldables
 Ceramic Fibre
 Ceramic Fibre Modules and Special Shapes
 Refractory Bricks
 Fired Refractory Shapes
 Ramming Mixes and many other types