About Us

We are registered with PDO, ORPIC, OXY, OLNG etc. esteemed companies and have carried out various prestigious projects for them for which please download our company profile for your ready reference.

FAIRDEAL TRADING & CONTRACTING EST. LLC. (FTCE), a local Omani Company has over the years established an outstanding reputation for its experience in the field of Hot & Cold Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Refractory Lining and Scaffolding Works.

With so many number of local projects, FAIRDEAL has a proven track record to skillfully blending client need with material and labour resources, to give an efficient high quality work, on-time completion and competitive pricing benefits etc.

The comprehensive range of FAIRDEAL’s services includes:

1. Insulation – Hot, Cold & Acoustic
2. Refractory Works
3. Scaffolding

Our business philosophy is based on simple principles and a total service package. We aim to achieve the highest quality in our service and in all our dealings with our clients.

Our total service approach results in lower costs, improved efficiency, less
co-ordination problems and greater assurances of on-time completion.

We are having experienced hands to carry out various critical jobs at our end. A high standard of work is achieved by our own fully trained work- force and monitored by supervisors for a particular project.

FAIRDEAL has successfully completed many major and prestigious, projects in Oman, especially for Power plants, Refineries, Oil and Gas Facilities and other commercial and industrial establishments.

All or some of the above expertise can be and are utilised in carrying out work for our clients either in a maintenance environment or on stand alone projects.

Insulation works at TES Tanl – Muscat

Brief Company History

Commenced Operation in the year 1990 for activities listed below:

Since then FAIRDEAL has achieved an impressive track record for the successful completion of major projects. The expertise and skill of its personnel have ensured success on some of the largest insulation contracts in Oman. Current and completed contracts are out lined later in the presentation.

A mile stone in the development of the company was achieved by making it a Limited Liability Company.

The company is headed by Mr. A.H. Jaffer (Managing Director) who is having many years experience in Insulation Industry. In fact our associate company “M/S. Mutrah Insofoam Company S.A.O.C.” was the first one to start manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene Products in Oman and our other associate company “M/S. Al Khaleej Insulation”, till now is the only Extruded Polystyrene Manufacturer in Oman.

There are several other group companies out of which quite a few are first ones in Oman. Our one of the associated company is “M/S. Steel Panel LLC.” engaged in Manufacturing Profile Sheet, Purlins, Insulated Panels, Freezer Truck, Cold Rooms, Porta Cabin etc.